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With a population of just over 60,000, Idaho Falls is a growing city that has a small-town feel with all the opportunities of a larger city. Located along the Snake River, Idaho Falls is named for the beautiful falls in the middle of the town and the Greenbelt area of parks. It’s also home to Tautphaus Park Zoo, the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho, and many other indoor and outdoor attractions.

Founded in 1864, Idaho Falls is now the second largest metro area in Idaho other than Boise and the surrounding areas. It serves as the central hub for the surrounding towns.

If you live in or near Idaho Falls, you know that the city is also known for its proximity to many outdoor recreation areas. Most people who live around Idaho Falls love outdoor activities, whether hiking, camping, four-wheeling, or skiing.

Enjoying many of these activities requires using a reliable trailer, so if you need a trailer to be repaired or upgraded, Cripple Creek Enterprises can help.

Trailer Repair

With a trailer repair shop in Idaho Falls, Idaho, the team at Cripple Creek Enterprises can fix various trailer types, including flatbed trailers, utility trailers, enclosed trailers, ATV trailers, horse trailers, and heavy equipment trailers. Whether the damage is minor or significant, we do it all and will get your trailer back on the road in no time.

Trailer Parts

Finding the right trailer parts to repair your equipment doesn’t have to be a struggle. At Cripple Creek Enterprises, we have a large selection of trailer parts for people in Bonneville County and the surrounding areas. We carry all the hardware you’re looking for, such as trailer axles, brake parts, electoral and writing equipment, trailer hitches, tires, and much more. Our shop is stocked with parts from top brands for all kinds of trailers.

Other Service Locations

While our only physical location is in Idaho Falls, Idaho, we also provide customers in the surrounding areas with our expert trailer repair services. Whether you need mobile trailer repair, trailer parts, or any other service, you can trust us to get the job done. Learn more about the other nearby areas we service below:

Blackfoot, Idaho

Blackfoot, Idaho, is situated between Idaho Falls and Pocatello. As such, it provides many community, art, and retail opportunities for residents all over the Bingham County area. And, while Idaho as a whole might be known for its potatoes, Blackfoot has its own particular claim to fame. Known as the “Potato Capital of the World,” Blackfoot has a long-running, consistent potato industry that supports many individuals who live here.

Our trailer repair professionals have years of experience in the Blackfoot area. So, whether you need a minor issue fixed or have extensive damage to your trailer, we are happy to help. Some of the trailers we address include flatbed trailers, ATV trailers, car carrier trailers, and more.

Rigby, Idaho

Rigby is best known as the “birthplace of television,” for being the childhood home of famed TV inventor Philo T. Farnsworth. However, to residents, it’s also a friendly community in a beautiful location. Its location right between Idaho Falls and Rexburg allows for easy access to the businesses, shops, restaurants, and events in both places. Although still a small town, Rigby has experienced steady growth, increasing from just under 3,000 residents at the 2000 census to over 4,000 people today.

If you’re a farmer, rancher, or trailer owner in Rigby, Idaho, Cripple Creek Enterprises is your premier provider of replacement parts and repair services. Based in Idaho Falls, Cripple Creek Enterprises is a full-service trailer and farm equipment services center providing maintenance, repair, construction, part sales, and more for customers throughout eastern Idaho.

Trailer Repair And Customization In Idaho Falls, Idaho

As a locally owned and operated business, Cripple Creek Enterprises provides excellent customer service and a commitment to our community. We provide comprehensive trailer repair services, including mobile trailer repair in Idaho Falls. Call us today to get a free quote.