Mobile Welding


At Cripple Creek Enterprises, we understand that when you need a repair, sometimes you can’t make it to our shop. While it would be great if trailers never had issues at all, sometimes problems arise. And, they tend to happen when you’re already out on the road in the middle of your plans. Trying to get your trailer to us isn’t always possible, so we want to make the repair process as easy as possible for you. One way we do this is through our mobile welding services.

Whether you’re on the road or your property when you need us, we’ll come to you! With our mobile welding services, we’ll get your machine up and running in no time.

Where You Need Us When You Need Us

For many years, Cripple Creek Enterprise’s welding shop in Idaho Falls, Idaho has provided high-quality and reliable welding services to customers throughout southeastern Idaho. We’re now able to bring that same reliability and welding expertise right to you with our mobile welding services. Farm and ranch life can be busy, and we’re excited to give you an added measure of convenience and flexibility through this service.

Our expert welders are available for repairs in-shop and on the road, so we’re always ready to help, no matter where you need us. When your equipment isn’t working, the last thing you want to be bothered with is dragging it across town for repairs. Often, moving the damaged equipment will only lead to further damage. We want to prevent any damage possible, which is why we’ll travel to you.

Our professional welders are highly trained and have extensive experience in a wide variety of welding techniques and materials. The Cripple Creek team can help you with necessary repairs and fabrication for trailers, tractors, pipes, or any other piece of machinery. We specialize in farm and ranch equipment but can work with you to make your project plans a reality no matter what your vision is. Our mobile welders can perform MIG, stick, TIG, and orbital welding, as well as casting, cutting, and machining with a variety of metals and alloys.

Fast Welding & Repairs

We work quickly because we know that you can’t work until we do. Our technicians are trained to make fast and reliable repairs without cutting any corners. Additionally, our team of mobile welders can provide a wide range of services from custom winch mounts to trailer fabrications of all sizes. If your project is a big one that requires more time, we’ll do our best to get it done as promptly as possible.

Some of the benefits of using our professional mobile welding service include:

  • Time savings. We know you’re busy and that you have a long to-do list to keep your ranch, farm, or other business running. With Cripple Creek’s mobile welding service, our welders will come right to you, giving you more time to dedicate to your other responsibilities.

  • Convenience. If you’re in a rural area, it can be a long drive into Idaho Falls. Our mobile welding team is happy to save you the hassle of making the trip into town by coming right to you.

  • High quality. When you work with Cripple Creek Enterprises, you know that you’ll get high-quality and durable results. Our welders are experts in their craft—our excellent work on your trailers or machinery will hold up against tough wear and tear in the years to come.

  • Local expertise. At Cripple Creek Enterprises, we’re locals just like you. We understand the Idaho farm life because it’s our life, too. We’ll provide you with local expertise, and you can feel great knowing you’re supporting a locally owned and operated business.

Free Mobile Welding Quote

Hidden fees are not what we do. When you call us for your mobile welding repair, we’ll give you a free estimate right over the phone, so you have an idea of what to expect. Every welding project is different, which is why we always give customized quotes that are tailored to your individual needs.

Mobile Welding FAQs

If you have any questions about our mobile welding services, feel free to reach out to us. We can answer your specific questions about our service areas or the types of trailers we can repair. In most cases, we can fix your trailer on the road, and if we can’t, we will help you get it into our shop for further mechanical services. But, for general questions, refer to our frequently asked questions below.

What kind of trailers can get mobile welding repairs?

At Cripple Creek, we specialize in comprehensive trailer repair. We can bring our mobile welding team to help your boat trailer, horse trailer, RV trailer, and more.

What kind of repairs can you do?

Because we work with so many different kinds of trailers, we can do minor to major repairs. Of course, some issues are more significant than others, so we may have to take the trailer back to our shop. But, in most cases, we can immediately get your trailer back on the road.

What if I just need a part to fix my trailer?

Along with our mobile welding services, we also provide an extensive parts store at our permanent location. We can bring the part to you, or you can come pick it up. And if it’s not in stock, we will get the right part ordered.

Do you offer other mobile services?

Along with our mobile welding options, we also provide mobile services for RV repair. So, if you get stranded while taking your camper trailer or RV on the road, give us a call.

Cripple Creek Enterprises is your leader for mobile welding in Idaho Falls and the surrounding areas. With over 20 years of repair experience, our professional welders are ready for any mobile welding job you have. For all your welding needs, contact us at Cripple Creek Enterprises to get the best service!

If you need to get your equipment back in shape with our mobile welding, give us a call. We’ll assess your project and give you a personalized quote, then be on our way to help you out! Contact us today to learn more about our mobile welding or to get started on your project.